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Keep The Promise Coalition

Advocacy and Action for Connecticut’s Mental Health

About Keep The Promise

Keep the Promise Coalition is dedicated to advocating for a comprehensive, community mental health system across the lifespan since 1999.  
Won’t you join us?

Keep the Promise Coalition was formed in 1999 by people living with mental illness, family members, providers and other advocates in response to the “broken promise” to invest in community mental health services and supports in Connecticut. The state’s promise to build a comprehensive, community mental health system has not been kept forcing many people with mental illness into expensive settings such as emergency rooms, jails/prisons, homelessness, and institutional care. KTP advocates for spending money smarter by focusing on cost effective, preventative, early intervention and community mental health services, supports and housing. Spending money smarter on proven solutions saves lives and taxes!

KTP Monthly Meeting

When: Third Wednesday of each month, 10am-12pm

Where: Online via Zoom

Please contact us for more information.

(860) 788-6180

KTP’s Mental Health Resources

Updated Paperless Resource Binders are available on flash drives upon request.

Advocacy Alerts



31 DeJohn Drive
Middletown, CT, 06457

A Special Thanks

KTP is grateful to the Melville Charitable Trust and the Catholic Campaign for Human Development for their ongoing support